We have been working in the growing industry of medical marijuana and CBD for many years. We see the patient’s health condition and then ask them what they expect from this consultation session. Then, after an initial analysis, our reputable team of qualified doctors creates a simple CBD plan suitable for the patient.

How does the consultation work?

The CBD consultation process is not a complex thing, but it has a specific step-by-step method. Initially, we might ask you to have a detailed health checkup. We may look into your medical history to use the most suitable treatment plan.

Before getting the CBD consultation, you may need to fill out initial registration paperwork and pay the initial costs. We will select the marijuana products that fit your health and financial conditions. Before prescribing any medicine, we provide brief information about the patient’s pros and cons of treatment. It increases the trust of our patients.
After explaining the products better for your health, we would move towards creating a follow-up CBD plan. We give a detailed dosage chart to our patients to get the proper direction about taking the CBD products. The timing gap between follow-up consultations may vary according to the health condition of the patient.
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