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How Edibles Can Benefit Cancer Patients

Cancer takes an immense physical and emotional toll. Patients often struggle with pain, poor sleep quality, and cognitive issues. New research shows that cannabis edibles may offer a natural way to manage these symptoms.

A recent study from the University of Colorado Boulder found that cancer patients who use THC edibles experience notable improvements in pain, sleep, and mental fog. The findings were published in the journal Exploration in Medicine.

Edibles refer to food products infused with cannabis, such as gummies, baked goods, and candies. This study tracked 25 cancer patients who purchased edibles from legal dispensaries over a two-week period.

Pain Relief Without Impairment

Patients reported significantly decreased pain within an hour of consuming edibles. Products higher in THC provided more intense pain relief.

However, THC also impaired cognitive function and induced euphoria when taken in high doses.

Remarkably, after two weeks of sustained edible use, patients indicated improvements in pain, sleep quality, and cognitive function. Some even showed objective gains in reaction time during cognitive testing.

Lead author Dr. Angela Bryan explains:

“When you’re in a tremendous amount of pain, it’s hard to think clearly. We found when patients’ pain levels decreased after using cannabis for a while, their cognition improved.”

The Benefits of Balanced THC & CBD

Patients who ingested more CBD-rich products experienced greater enhancements in sleep quality and pain reduction.

This highlights the synergistic benefits of balancing THC with CBD. THC remains invaluable for pain relief, while CBD appears to mitigate its intoxicating effects.

Real-World Insights

This study provides real-world insights into how cannabis purchased from retail outlets affects cancer symptoms and treatment side effects.

Patients tried edibles from 18 different brands, with varying THC:CBD ratios. This demonstrates that people are willing to experiment to find what works best. However, more data is needed to guide choices.

Dr. Bryan acknowledges:

“It shows people are ready to try anything they think could be helpful. But there aren’t a lot of data available to guide them on what works best.”

While surprising cognitive improvements were observed, the authors note that larger, longer-term studies are needed. Different cancer types and demographics may also influence outcomes.

Overall, this research hints at the palliative potential of regulated cannabis products. With more data, edibles could provide a safer alternative to opioids for managing cancer’s distressing effects.

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Savoring CBD Tea: How Cannabidiol and Botanicals Promote Wellbeing

Steaming cups of CBD-infused tea have become a fixture in many homes. As an calming, antioxidant-rich drink, CBD tea offers a unique holistic approach to wellness. Let’s explore how cannabidiol (CBD) and other natural compounds interact to support overall balance.

A Synergistic Botanical Blend

CBD, a non-psychoactive compound in hemp, engages with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) – a complex network involved in regulating physiology. When hemp is blended into a tea, it combines with other beneficial plants to produce synergistic effects that may enhance well-being.

For example, chamomile and linalool terpenes in the tea may promote relaxation, complementing CBD’s calming qualities. Antioxidants in the herbs, along with CBD’s own antioxidant content, contribute to the tea’s potential health benefits. Antioxidants help protect the body from oxidative stress caused by free radicals, and may play a role in reducing inflammation and supporting overall wellness. CBD’s antioxidant properties boost this protective effect.

Furthermore, many tea blends contain botanicals known for their soothing, tranquil qualities. Lavender, for instance, is renowned for encouraging restful sleep. Paired with CBD, these infusions may provide enhanced relief from stress, anxiety, and sleep troubles.

As CBD tea science continues evolving, researchers and tea brands are seeking to unlock its full potential. By understanding how CBD interacts with other compounds, they can develop products that provide a pleasant, effective way to support general well-being.

The Entourage Effect: Why the Whole is Greater Than the Sum

CBD does not work in isolation. The entourage effect describes how CBD works synergistically with other cannabis compounds like terpenes and flavonoids.

When consuming whole-plant hemp in tea blends, you benefit from the combined effects of all the compounds acting together. This reinforces the overall therapeutic potential compared to CBD on its own.

For example, the terpene linalool in lavender can enhance relaxation, complementing CBD’s calming properties. Together, these components offer more robust stress-relief than either would alone.

Harnessing the entourage effect is key to creating optimal CBD teas. By skillfully combining hemp with other herbs, we can leverage synergies between compounds for full-body wellness.

Tea Time Rituals for Balance

Beyond the compounds present, the ritual of preparing and sipping tea also promotes wellness.

The deliberate process of brewing a hot cup invokes mindfulness. This reflection can lower stress levels and bring stillness to our busy lives.

Savoring the aroma and flavor of tea is an immersive sensory experience that engages the mind and body.

Drinking tea also provides hydration, while the warmth can be comforting. Settling down for tea brings a natural pause to our day when we can regroup and unwind.

CBD tea allows us to infuse these moments with the added benefits of hemp’s calming properties. The full experience becomes more than just consuming hemp—it’s an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves.

Achieving Balance with CBD Tea

With its pleasing flavor and potential therapeutic qualities, CBD-infused tea offers a uniquely relaxing way to consume hemp. By blending cannabidiol with other plants, we can enhance the natural benefits of tea time.

Research continues to uncover the complex workings of CBD tea. But you don’t need to wait for science to enjoy a warm cup of CBD infusion. Brew yourself a soothing CBD tea and discover its wonders for yourself.


What are the potential wellness benefits of CBD tea?

Research indicates CBD tea may help promote sleep, relieve anxiety, and ease stress when consumed. The CBD interacts with compounds in the tea to provide these calming, balancing properties.

What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect refers to how CBD works better with other hemp compounds like terpenes. Together, they work synergistically to enhance the overall therapeutic effects compared to CBD alone.

Why is tea time relaxing?

The ritual of preparing tea, savoring the aroma, and drinking the soothing liquid provides a reflective pause to lower stress levels and connect with the present moment.

How is CBD tea made?

CBD tea is made by blending hemp leaves containing CBD, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds with herbs like chamomile, lavender, and others. The CBD infuses into the tea to create a synergistic botanical infusion.

Should I drink CBD tea daily?

This depends on your individual needs and preferences. While CBD tea is generally safe, moderate consumption is recommended until you understand how it affects you personally. Check with your doctor if drinking daily.…

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main benefits of CBD

The best reasons to try CBD

These days, you are probably noticing more and more people around you consuming CBD and you are still on the fence? The “miracle product” claims are leaving you skeptical?

We must admit that all the virtues that we lend it may seem “too good to be true”, but the potential of CBD is confirmed more and more over the years, whether in terms of consumer feedback, or with scientific research. If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons that should change your mind!

It soothes everyday ailments in a natural way

First of all, you should know that CBD is a totally legal molecule. Unlike its cousin THC, it does not induce any high or any other side effect. You do not have any risk of addiction to try CBD, because it is directly extracted from the hemp plant. Completely natural, it relieves you and will eventually avoid you to use a heavier drug treatment!

CBD improves recovery after exercise

Contrary to popular belief, CBD is not reserved for people subject to stress or physical problems! Indeed, more and more athletes are trying it, because the use of CBD-based oils or balms allows them to recover better, by relaxing their muscles after an effort!

It helps taking care of your skin

Combined with hemp oil, CBD is particularly useful against skin problems. Thanks to its moisturizing, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps regulate sebum production. You should therefore try it if you suffer from skin problems such as eczema, hives or psoriasis… It is even effective in relieving your sunburn!

CBD reduces stress

Known for its relaxing effects, CBD undoubtedly helps you relax, but can also act as a mild antidepressant. So you can try CBD in times of increased stress, to help reduce your anxiety disorders: a few drops of CBD oil or a hemp tea will do the trick!

It provides a better sleep

The human body reacts to CBD because it interacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, which is directly linked to the nervous and immune systems. This system also plays a role in the body’s homeostasis, which helps regulate our sleep cycles: a better regulated homeostasis cycle makes it easier to fall asleep, while enjoying a much better quality of sleep.

It relieves chronic pain

Another reason to try CBD is its proven anti-inflammatory effect. According to some studies, this product could soothe certain joint pains such as osteoarthritis, but also back pain and certain neurological ailments! Why deprive yourself of it?

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CBD and medical marijuana: Things you must Know

Cannabis and marijuana products have been part of the news in recent years. Many states are making the use of medical marijuana legal with each passing day. The popular and frequently used marijuana product includes the compounds of CBD (cannabidiol).
Marijuana is derived from a cannabis plant. It is further smoked and refined in various ways to get CBD and other products. Medical marijuana comes in multiple forms, such as oils, gels, gummies, supplements, extracts, and much more. CBD and medical marijuana have proved helpful in various medical treatments. Read along to know more about the benefits!

Medical benefits:

Recent studies prove that CBD and marijuana act as helpful tools in alleviating or treating conditions like anxiety, social phobia, cancer-related pain, chronic pain, sleep issues, loss of appetite due to some severe disease, and much more. CBD and marijuana provide relief against severe pain and anxiety.

CBD and marijuana compounds have also proved helpful in diseases like arthritis, Crohn’s disease, inflammation, HIV/AIDS, migraine, and some digestive disorders. Millions of studies have been done on CBD and medical marijuana since 1999. Due to its ultimate help in relieving pain due to severe diseases is becoming legal in various states. Medical marijuana and CBD can also be used in multiple forms. Some medicines containing CBD are also available in the market.

Pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties

Regular pain killers or medicines can help in relieving pain or stiffness. But marijuana and CBD are taken as natural pain relief supplements. Due to its quick pain relief, it is taken as an alternative to regular pain killers.

Recent studies have proved that CBD gives a relieving treatment to chronic pains as well. Studies in 2018-19 demonstrated the natural anti-inflammatory properties present in the CBD and other marijuana products.


Better treatment of epilepsy has also become possible due to CBD. In 2018, FDA approved a medicine containing purified CBD for the treatment of epilepsy. Adolescents aged three years with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome can be treated using CBD and marijuana compounds.

Treating cancer

CBD has also helped various patients in the fight against severe diseases like cancer. CBD reduces anxiety, reduces the growth of cancer cells and side effects of standard chemotherapy, and improves the positive effects of chemotherapy. Researches are continued about the benefits of CBD. But its proper use has given relief to various patients suffering from fatal diseases.
CBD is a functional medical supplement if taken correctly. Before using any marijuana products, you must consult an expert. Proper advice and direction are essential for using CBD or medical marijuana. Although it has qualities like pain-relieving, the use of marijuana compounds should still be your least priority. Because of its medical benefits also have some side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Cannabis leaves some effects like dizziness after its use. Consult your health provider about how long the results last. Avoid using heavy machinery and driving a car after using any cannabis product.…

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