CBD and sleep : what do we know

Nowadays, sleep is a precious commodity in everyone’s life. The relentless acceleration of our societies and lifestyles have made it something sacred. But despite this, many people suffer from problems or disorders related to their sleep. If we add to this the stress due to work or our private life, in addition to our addiction to screens, it is difficult for some people to benefit from the 7 or 8 hours of sleep necessary for the proper functioning and recovery of our body. And as is often the case with everyday ailments, CBD can be a “miracle” solution. Indeed, today, cannabidiol represents the most natural and healthy alternative to promote a good sleep. So how does it act on sleep? What are its benefits? Here is our anwers to these questions.

The positive impact of CBD on our sleep

First of all, it is good to know that, unlike sleeping pills or other drugs that promise a better sleep, CBD is 100% natural and does not cause any addiction or side effects. Promoted by the natural presence of the Endocannabinoid System. The latter has the function of linking our organs through the secretion and circulation of various hormones, such as melatonin. A network of receptors with which CBD matches perfectly. Thus, after consumption, it interacts directly with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which makes it capable of regulating our fatigue, our concentration or many of our emotions, such as stress and anxiety for example. Therefore, and concerning sleep, cannabidiol acts in a direct way on what is called the “sleep-wake” system, in charge of regulating our rate of fatigue and our capacity of recovery. If you add to this its therapeutic, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties, you will understand why it can be an excellent ally against sleep disorders and problems.

The benefits of CBD on our sleep

Consuming CBD before slipping into bed will therefore promote better relaxation, whether physical or psychological. What to approach the sleep with the mind lighter and freer than usual, our brain tends to be quite agitated when we go to sleep. And in addition to improving the quality of your night, cannabidiol will help you go to bed faster and therefore sleep longer. The different stages of sleep will be reached in a smoother and more cushioned way, which will generate a deep as well as light sleep, thus promoting the recovery of the individual. Unlike sleeping pills or other artificial pharmaceutical drugs, which tend to knock out rather than soothe, causing a reaction in the brain, which could lead to a feeling of addiction to the substance. What there is no risk of happening with CBD.

How to consume CBD to promote sleep?

CBD offers its followers the chance to consume it in multiple ways, but also to accentuate certain therapeutic effects. In addition to that, cannabidïol has the advantage of presenting no risk of overdose. Its effects are absolutely not psychotropic and dangerous for health, unlike its cousin THC. It is thus possible to consume it under bigger dose when one wants to use it for its sleep. Be careful not to consider this cannabinoid as a medicine in its own right, but also to consult your doctor before any consumption. The latter will help you to better target your needs and to optimally manage your CBD experience.

The infusion remains at the moment, the most practical way to make benefit to the whole of its body, principles and virtues of the CBD. The fact that one drinks it will support a better dissipation in the body, and this, always thanks to the SEC. The vaporization of resin or flowers remains also an excellent way to impact positively its sleep thanks to the cannabidiol. However, the duration of the effects will be less than the one generated by the ingestion of an herbal tea. As for CBD oils and cosmetics, their more local application will be less effective on our sleep-wake system. They will be more likely to treat other ailments such as muscle pain or chronic pain for example.


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