Exploring VMAC: The Next-Gen Alternative to HHC

The ban on HHC products going into effect on June 13th, 2023 left many consumers searching for suitable replacements. Enter VMAC – the latest formulation from innovative brand White Rabbit. VMAC (short for Various Mixed Active Cannabinoids) aims to replicate the sought-after HHC experience, while remaining compliant with updated regulations.

The Brains Behind VMAC

White Rabbit’s passionate team of chemists spearhead their R&D efforts. Their mission is twofold: Make emerging cannabinoid discoveries accessible to the masses, while upholding rigorous quality and safety standards. The VMAC line reflects their commitment to dispelling misconceptions about minor cannabinoids through education and effective formulations.

VMAC Effects: Recapturing the HHC Experience

VMAC mirrors the hallmark effects that HHC enthusiasts enjoyed:

  • Euphoria: Suitable for parties or hanging out, VMAC sparks waves of euphoria reminiscent of HHC sensations.
  • Relaxation: Low VMAC doses provide deep relaxation, perfect for unwinding and recharging.
  • Creativity: VMAC paves the way for renewed creativity, opening doors to unexplored creative realms.

In summary, VMAC fills the void left by HHC’s departure. Carefully crafted to mirror its predecessor’s effects, VMAC operates within legal bounds while upholding quality, education, and enabling enthusiasts to keep enjoying sought-out experiences without compromise.

The Evolution of VMAC

VMAC’s core is powered by devoted chemists fueled by unbridled passion. This assembly wholly dedicates themselves to exploring and developing cannabis’ promising minor molecules.

Their shared mission encompasses a two-fold aim: Democratize these discoveries to make them accessible to more people, while upholding principles of quality and safety.

As a whole, VMAC aims to dispel misconceptions surrounding cannabinoids through education and formulation efficacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is VMAC?

VMAC stands for Various Mixed Active Cannabinoids. It’s a proprietary blend from White Rabbit designed to replicate HHC effects after HHC’s ban.

Is VMAC legal?

Yes, VMAC formulations comply with updated cannabinoid regulations in the US and EU.

What’s in VMAC?

While the full proprietary recipe is unpublished, White Rabbit states it contains a mix of legal cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN etc.

How does VMAC feel compared to HHC?

Most users report VMAC provides similar euphoria, relaxation and creativity as experienced with HHC.

Where can I buy VMAC products?

VMAC can be purchased directly through White Rabbit’s website or at licensed retailers carrying their product line.

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